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About Photonics Bretagne

Photonics Bretagne is a booming cluster of SMEs, research centers and schools, promoting the development of photonics in Brittany (France). Our mission is to support industrial and technological development of our members to generate economic growth and direct/indirect employment opportunities in Brittany, a region with a unique concentration of SMEs, research centers and Schools in the field of Photonics. The action plan of the organization is to:

- Assist SMEs in their business development
- Accelerate Transfer technology
- Develop competitive intelligence in SMEs
- Provide project engineering assistance
- Boost SME’s visibility at tradeshows
- Promote leverage effect of photonics technologies

Partner Information

Photonics Bretagne, France
Company:Photonics Bretagne
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Contact: Denis Tregoat
Phone:+33 (0)2 96 48 01 38