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About OpTeccBB

Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (OpTecBB) was founded 15 years ago. It is as an initiative of companies and scientific institutions in Berlin Brandenburg to support and explore optical and micro systems technology together. The professional network of companies, research institutes, universities and federations is supported by relevant ministries in Brandenburg and the Berlin Senate. Today, the association has more than 100 institutional members (some 70+ companies and about 30 research organizations). OpTecBB offers its members six focus groups: (1) Lighting Technologies, (2) Laser Technologies, (3) Optics for Communication and Sensor applications, (4) Optical and X-ray Analytics, (5) Biomedical Applications and Ophthalmology and (6) Micro Systems Technologies.

Partner Information

Contact: Bernhard Hesse
Phone:+49 30 6392 1720