SMEs developing photonics-based products or processes for the life sciences markets face highly specific market entry challenges, the aim of the EPRISE project is to support companies operating in the medtech, pharma, agriculture and food markets to overcome these commercialisation challenges. An effective way of providing support to these community of SMEs is through facilitating advice from photonics and market experts and introducing them to development partners or potential end users across Europe.

As an outcome, SMEs can now take advantage of two online databases created by the project which are freely available online resources. The companies database maps and lists photonics companies, academic organisations and clusters focussed on the four market sectors of interest and is a great resource to use to find collaboration partners or to identify potential competitors. Meanwhile, the database of experts can be used to get specific advice from people from around Europe who are very knowledgeable about either the market sector, or about business-related challenges or about photonics technology.

Project Coordinator Cecilia Pinto said, “We are delighted to be able to offer these comprehensive online resources which represent a significant piece of research on the European photonics markets. We hope that they prove to be valuable to companies that use them and that they ultimately lead to an increase in business collaborations across Europe.”