Following the success of the first photonics roadshow in Florence from 16-17th May, which focussed on smart farming, the second event in Stockholm attracted 55 participants. Dedicated to Photonics for the Medical Technologies, the event discussed the business development of photonics companies addressing the healthcare market and their journey through the valley of death.

A keynote speech was delivered by Professor Juergen Popp from the Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena, and tutorials from three experts, a pitching session with 13 short presentations from companies, researchers and end-users, and a business match-making session. The first day of the event concluded with a tour by boat of Stockholm’s archipelago, which provided the opportunity for networking between participants. Day two covered go-to-market sessions on financing and business development issues.

Networking with high-level experts and key players in the life science sector

The roadshow provided an excellent opportunity to meet key experts from Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland and Switzerland.

  • Prof. Juergen Popp: WG3 Chair of Photonics and leading researcher of Infectognostics, Jena.
  • Edward Schneider: Venture capitalist specialising in Key Enabling Technology start-ups.
  • Thierry Robin: Market studies dedicated to photonics from Tematys.
  • Ruth Houbertz: One of the few female CEOs in European Photonics.
  • Anna Tegnesjö: Promoting the funding opportunities of Vinnova and MedTech4Health in Sweden.
  • Ian McCabe: Presenting the powerful value-chain analysis technique to overcome successful business development.
  • Raoul Stubbe: Extensive experience of coaching start-ups and photonics business.
  • Dirk Voelkel: CTO of GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a company willing to fund innovation in external businesses.
  • Iris Öhrn: Provides strong support for SMEs in the Gothenburg region.

The next European Photonics Roadshow will take place in Barcelona on 27-28 September and will focus on the photonics in the food industry. Registration is now open, secure your place.